John Kranert – Video Journalist & Cameraman

With dedication, I devote myself as a video journalist to projects that are personally significant to me. Ensuring authentic reporting is of great importance to me, where I independently research and verify facts.

For me, it’s about telling stories that have meaning and can have a positive impact on society. I choose projects that provide me with the opportunity to address important issues and bring the truth to light.

As a conscientious cameraman, I thoroughly research to ensure that the information I present is reliable and accurate. I adhere to high ethical standards and go beyond the usual journalistic guidelines. The authenticity of my work is crucial to me, and I strive to convey an honest and accurate portrayal of the documented events.

My goal is to raise awareness about specific issues through my films, uncover injustices, and bring about positive change. I firmly believe that films are a powerful platform to inspire and provoke thought in people.

Therefore, I carefully select the projects I participate in and only collaborate with partners who share my values and are also committed to telling the truth. I want to ensure that my work makes a genuine contribution and contributes to change and progress.

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